Grannie and Grampa Hoffmann are staying with me for      a couple of days so that means some new pictures!
First I played for a while in my exersaucer.
I had cereal and fruit - yummmmmm
           Grampa helped me with my bottle
We were just hanging out watching the dogs before my nap.
I'm supposed to be sleeping, but my feet are so fascinating.
    The next day Grannie dressed me in one of my Christmas
  outfits and  Mommy said, "Come on.  We're going to the Mall."
What a surprise!  I was having my photo taken
with Santa!  Grannie snapped a few pictures, too.
I sat on his lap and told him what I would like for Christmas.
You can see the photo that Santa's Elf took on the next page.
Then it was time for Grannie to give me breakfast.
It's December and I'm 7 months old.
Website:  D. Hoffmann Jan. 07